Satellite Image Processing | Application Development & Software Engineering | Infrastructure Development | Baseline Survey | Needs Assessment

Baseline Survey

Every Project needs a starting point. GIC has competent personnel capable of carrying out the baseline studies to provide valuable social and economic information which is critical to project decision-making and prediction of impacts before initiating projects.

These studies include Socio- cultural and Economic studies for example; Population and demographics, Social diversity, Community profiling, Cultural heritage and archaeology, Social services and infrastructure, Cultural property identification, Social capital and community capacity analysis, Land tenure, use and management Institutions and governance, Micro/Macro economic analysis, employment, development indicators and local capacity, physical infrastructure, stakeholder analysis etc.

Needs Assessment

The systematic exploration of how things are and the way they should be. GIC carries out Needs Assessment using various techniques like direct observation, questionnaires, consultation with key stakeholders, and/or with specific knowledge, review of relevant literature, interviews, focus groups, tests, and work samples

Infrastructure Development

The company’s GIS analysts engage in underground studies to ascertain problems affecting the community and propose the options of how best these problems can be solved.

Transport network surveys, Education sector, natural resources, climate change, urban planning are some of the areas of focus

Satelite Image Processing

Using the appropriate software such as ENVI LiDAR, the company carries out image processing and 3-D analysis to reveal spatial relationships among different data sets for better and accurate decision-making. As a result of this knowledge, better decisions can then be made that enables you to manage your assets and operations more effectively

Application Development

Successful GIS implementation requires experience and skill combined with careful planning, assessment, design and implementation. Our consulting and systems development services include: needs assessment; feasibility studies; application development and software engineering; systems design, implementation and prototyping; and end-user support